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Roof Design


The choice of glazing system for the roof, windows, & doors defines the quality and performance of any building over the long term so investing in the highest specification your budget allows is critical.


Our aim when quoting a price is to offer all our customers in the 1st instance the opportunity to buy the ‘ultimate’ proven technical specification our industry can currently achieve. If this does not match with the budget available we work with each customer to offer alternative products to guarantee a competitive solution without loss of performance as we recognise sometimes compromise is necessary.


Our default glazed roofing system is recognised as a benchmark in the UK residential market having been developed in the early days of our industry, and has been evolving ever since.

All products are independently performance tested and approved by the recognised quality standard schemes awarded with the corresponding mark

Uniquely it pioneered an all aluminium construction using die caste components, finished externally in commercial grade polyester powder coated paint offering a superior finish and proven durability in contrast to the price driven alternatives many of which are PVCu clad with vacuum formed components that rapidly show their age, wear & tear.

Our policy is consistent with the range of window & door products we offer both in PVCu and aluminium specifically sourced to suit the particular design of a building and our customers’ requirements rather than an approach which is often one product offering applied to every situation typical of the industry.