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Case Study

The Brief

As keen gardeners our clients motivation for the project was to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour with open views come rain or shine but with the same level of comfort as their Lounge. Typically access to the patio area to the side of the conservatory was to be via a set of double doors, however the clients concern was that they would not be able to directly enjoy the garden without access to the front coupled with a basewall that would limit the view.

The solution was to incorporate bi-fold doors ensuring uninterrupted views at all times with the advantage of being able to effectively ‘remove’ the wall of glass on those perfect days, when you want to be at one with the outdoors.

As it was also important to create the sense of a ‘proper room’ which was achieved by designing a full plastered flank wall to the left which offers greater privacy and a feeling of being less exposed, particularly important on those cold winter days & nights.

It was made clear that the existing crazy paving painstakingly laid & pointed by the client many years ago be reinstated by us using the existing material salvaged from the construction area extending the patio to the front to a meticulous standard to blend with the remaining untouched patio area.


Design Notes

As the bi-fold doors were to become the principle feature of the conservatory construction we recommended that these be manufactured in white aluminium as opposed to PVCu due to the slimmer framing and superior structural integrity in very hot conditions. It followed that although feasible that the window and door elements could still be in PVCu it was desirable to match systems so this conservatory is a great example of a fully aluminium construction.

Although a premium is paid for this product type it can be easier to keep in pristine condition over the longer term and contrary to peoples perception of aluminium products with the latest polyamide construction of the material can now meet the most challenging energy performance standards today, no longer being eclipsed by PVCu, which is why it is the dominant material used in all commercial construction and high end architect.

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Construction Stage

Construction Stage

Completed Project

Completed Project

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