To create additional living space to the ground floor to form a dining area off the Kitchen. As a two bedroom starter home the limited ground floor living space allowed for no dedicated dining area without compromising the use of the limited lounge area and no direct access off the lounge to the garden. The new building addressed all these issues by increasing the ground floor living space by at least 40%, enhancing the desirability & value of the property significantly. This allowed our client to delay the next move up the property ladder for some years to come as it was cheaper to improve than move but now makes starting a family a practical option. The windows and doors were designed to mirror very closely the styling of the existing property so the connection appears seamless. The installation of under floor heating completed the package for guaranteed levels of comfort.

In order to maximise the width of the proposed building parapet walls were incorporated in the design and with the agreement of the neighbour constructed on the boundary line, which not only presents the neighbour with a wall that they could build against in the future should they choose but allowed for the garage roof section to be neatly integrated with the side of the extension. To form a neat book end to the featured fascia we introduced corbelled brickwork to improve the aesthetic appeal of the new building reflecting the traditional styling of the Orangery.