In keeping with most homes built in the first half of the 20th century this property is feature packed to the front with detailed brickwork, large bay windows, and imposing entrance with formal reception rooms at the front away from the working areas of the Kitchen and garden. The Kitchen of course was small by modern standards and the rear of the property lacked the character of the front particularly as changes over many decades had left an adhoc layout leaving a legacy of a poorly positioned window & door at the rear of the Dining Room. The project was to address all these issues creating a modern open living space with excellent garden access to take advantage of an outdoor lifestyle. The client discussed the project with numerous companies exploring all types of building but wanted a solution that was in keeping with the character and period of the property. Our design proposal appeared obvious which was to offer a functional Garden Room with modern glazing elements but pick up the brick detailing seen at the front of the house, mirroring this at the rear, coupling this with some hard landscaping delivering the final transformation asked for.

There is always a temptation within home improvements to work around obstacles or structural issues which inevitably compromise the design solution however our advice is always to meet them head on as experience teaches us that a customers regrets increase with the passage of time whilst living with the compromises.In this case ensuring that the walls of the new building aligned internally with the Kitchen was a priority to form a single space which appeared it had always been designed to be this way appearing seamless. This single design decision necessitated reconfiguring the central heating pipe work running up the wall to be removed, repositioning and installing new waste soil pipe system to the exterior which in turn required the bricking up of a window & door to be replaced by a set of double doors into a newly prepared opening centered correctly within the formal dining room dealing with an annoying legacy from past renovations. The final element to complete the vision for the project was to landscape the area to connect with an existing log cabin which now formed a small quadrangle between the side of the Orangery, and new double doors to the rear creating the perfect outdoor entertainment & leisure space naturally flowing between the kitchen/Orangery, formal dining/day room, and leisure cabin. The installation of a set of bespoke internal Oak doors to maintain the separation with the Lounge again ensured the building avoided appearing to be an add on had the external PVCu doors remained in-situ. The client very much appreciated the insight into the detail we brought to the project which they were not in a position to anticipate themselves relying on our design & installation experience resulting in a finish way beyond just average.