This was a very ambitious project at 75m² in area with significant structural alterations and internal works requiring all our design and technical expertise. The property occupies a sloping site presenting a drop in ground levels to be reconciled within the overall design, so the new addition had to sit comfortably between the original building and the detached garage located at the rear. The customer had some clear objectives in mind to justify the project, which was to gain a substantial living space with connectivity to the garden, a dedicated dining area, form a new utility room – reconfiguring the old one at the same time, and adapting the existing room layout to create a home office off the new living space. All this was to be achieved whilst integrating the two existing flat roof extensions and the detached garage to form a homogenous complex of buildings that visually appear to belong to each other. The Orangery design lent itself perfectly to this with its feature lanterns and distinctive style that is able to contrast against most types of building and allowed the roof to be merged into the garage to leave a ‘soft’ connection.

Typically, with projects of greater complexity there are often additional costs associated with the solutions that do not show themselves in the final look, being concealed within the fabric of the building, however there is peace of mind in knowing that the most stringent standards have been applied throughout without compromise. Examples in this case were the need to employ piled foundations to stabilise the new building on a relatively steep gradient against the existing garage coupled with the underlying ground conditions and to design a suitable structural steel frame to support independently both the suspended floor & roof assembly over such a large area.