Our customers concern about adding an extension was not the building design as much as the challenges that this site posed with its elevated position and how to cope with the drop in ground levels which only increased the further out you went. The existing garden was in need of an overhaul being over grown with trees & shrubs encroaching onto the patio area, which was not a useable leisure space. Our proposal set out to resolve these concerns by creating a new open living space, but equally important design a practical transition from the extension to the garden beyond, and an inviting leisure area. The most cost effective construct to achieve this transition was to offer a complex deck design with contemporary glass balustrades to deal with the site contours. What would have been a straight forward design exercise became a protracted negotiation with the local planning authority who required several redesigns to get to a solution that satisfied the customer, the planners, and the technical requirements dictated by the site. All decking over 300mm above natural ground level requires a planning application. In addition, we cleared the entire rear garden, put in some structural terracing, levelled the ground, and laid it to lawn leaving a blank canvass for the customer to develop in the future. This order was won based on our ability as a company to design, manage, and deliver a complete project including navigating any associated obstacles such as planning successfully.

Our aim as always is to offer to customise any building rather than adopt a one size fits all approach so each project has its own unique features where possible. In this case the fascia detail was designed as a feature combining an architectural GRP cornice moulding with an Ogee PVCu guttering system to form flowing lines but making a bold statement to contrast the simple contemporary style of the building. Although the balustrading was a practical requirement our use of stainless steel & glass takes the finished project to another level visually by complementing the modern feel of the project but softening the timber structure & decking below.