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Comfort Without Compromise

Getting this right is essential if the new addition to the home is to fulfil its full potential all year round but it is often viewed as a necessary after thought.

Although we can offer some very sophisticated climate control systems if required most customers are served well by the four solutions detailed below.

Convector Radiators

A practical cost effective answer is to extend the existing radiator circuit subject to the boiler capacity and efficiency of the existing pumps which can provide an adequate background heat to a building of mainly brick construction.

However our experience based on customer feedback over many years is that in a conservatory which is predominantly glass it does not always meet expectations putting the room off limits in more extreme conditions. This is due to the fact the heat generated is ‘passive’ rising gently into a very cold roof space so the heat is lost and does not distribute rapidly enough and therefore evenly around the conservatory forming cold zones.

Electrical Convector Heater

Used as our default heating for conservatories it offers greater flexibility and control being completely independent at an attractive price.

It features two modes, either full or half power setting to reduce running costs but also allows for the installation of a higher output unit than necessary so that an instant additional boost is available to take the edge of the room if required.

Also, you have accurate control with built in thermostat and if required 7 day 24 hour timer. The reason it works very well is because it can generate an ‘aggressive’ heat which is driven by the unit across the room including the roof space meaning it can maintain the required temperature comfortably.

Under Floor Heating

This takes you to the next level of comfort and control as the entire floor area effectively becomes a radiator. Surprisingly it does not demand a huge premium in cost when compared with the two alternatives above but does introduce a level of luxury to the new space.

We would always specify an electrical under floor system as water systems cost significantly more to install and raise many more technical issues. Many of the concerns about energy efficiency and running costs have dissipated over recent years as Part L building regulations has driven up standards with manufacturers making great strides to improve performance.

The cost is very much dependent on the type of finished floor to be used e.g. tiling, laminate/engineered wood, vinyl, or carpet which determines the mat required, output, and floor preparation.

Air Conditioning System

There are a range of solutions at different costs but the ultimate is a remote unit that can be installed up to 5m away from the building and ducted underground to the internal control panel which provides a total climate control solution whether for heating or cooling that is whisper quiet when operating.

It is worth remembering these systems must operate in a closed environment so should not be operated for cooling in the summer if you wish to enjoy the freedom of opening up say your bi-fold doors.

Investing in air conditioning comes at a relatively high cost but does offer complete peace of mind that you can control your environment.

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