Stacks of Windows


For many years polycarbonate was the default choice of roof material for most customers, being competitively priced, coupled with the failure of glass to address issues of heat gain/glare in the summer, heat loss/comfort in the winter, condensation, and cleaning with the added cost of roof blinds in the past.


We now offer as standard a glass solution so successful and so advanced it has replaced polycarbonate as the most popular roof material of choice for conservatories so why settle for anything less.


PLANITHERM 4S has been developed especially for conservatory glazing applications. Offering excellent solar control properties, reduced glare and enhanced thermal insulation. SGG PLANITHERM 4S provides true year round comfort when used throughout the conservatory.

Provides a comfortable all year round environment, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer


Reflects more than 60% of heat from the sun

Keeps your conservatory cooler and more comfortable in hot summer months

Reduces uncomfortable glare


Windows stay cleaner for longer

Stubborn marks are easier to clean, even without detergents

Save money on window cleaning