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An introduction

Choosing the style of a conservatory can be daunting as you are spoilt for choice with an almost infinite range of designs available, which can be customised to your specific requirements, however with professional guidance this task can be made a very straight forward exercise.

We aim by listening very carefully to what you are trying to achieve, taking into account the technical issues the site presents to us, and being mindful of the budget available come up with the design solution, which delivers the best result for the property.

As part of this process we endeavour to draw to your attention all the options, which you may not be aware of not having the depth of knowledge & experience we have of our industry. We would not shy from advising you if we felt what was being proposed was not appropriate or fit for purpose as your interests are at the heart of what we do as the ultimate aim is to have a satisfied customer.

Choosing a Style

The starting point however is simple as there are some basic standard design configurations that form the basis of all conservatories (see below).

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