The Brief

Our client had been looking to move but found that they were not able to achieve what they felt was the true value of their current property. Feedback from viewings was consistent in that the lack of a Family Room off the Kitchen was a key issue reducing the achievable price. As it was still their objective to move within the next two to three years could they extend within a sensible budget to increase the sale ability of the house whilst enjoying the improvement in comfort & lifestyle it would bring. From the research it became clear that a traditionally built extension was not going to be cost effective as the spend would not cover the increase in value over the short term. Not happy to consider a conventional conservatory as this would not feel like ’a proper room’ we offered our Sun Room concept designed to mirror the style of the property employing brickwork combined with individual windows & doors. The light pelmet featured inside completed the look but at a cost much more in keeping with the overall objectives. Opening up the new building to the Kitchen & Lounge created a modern living space ideal for the family at the heart of the home. The finished project has exceeded all expectations.

Design Notes

Although conventional design would have placed the doors to the front of the Sun Room the priority was to preserve the garden of the children to play, This would have been compromised as common with many modern developments gardens are already relatively small so eating up lawn with a patio in front of the doors in addition to the building was not acceptable. 

By positioning the doors on an angled facet with a wrap around decking area the best of all worlds were achieved with perfect access to the garden and a dedicated leisure area.

Of the many heating solutions we offer the customer opted for two very stylish vertical electrical convector panels discretely positioned in the corners of the room finish in white with a sophisticated independent thermostatic control unit.