Due to the advances in glass technology roof blinds in particular are no longer the necessity that they once were, however the popularity for contemporary glass structures whether conservatories, orangeries, or architectural glass buildings there is a need to maintain privacy or transform the space into a cosier atmosphere on occasion. Integrated blinds can achieve this elegantly without cluttering the frames and potentially obstructing the operation of the windows & doors.


Whether it’s the opportunity to show-off with a new elegant and stylish innovation, or the obvious advantages of blinds sealed within an air-tight environment, integrated blinds are winners all round. They don’t get damp, dusty or dirty and they can’t be abused by little hands or paws.


There are many advantages to integrated blinds which might not be obvious on first-glance: They can offer an improvement in acoustics, additional privacy due to the edge-to-edge slats and also a reduction in heat and solar glare which can enhance the u-value of your double glazing unit. But, perhaps the biggest advantage of Integrated Blinds is that they are built with a patented magnetic drive system which enables them to be sealed within double glazed units without compromising the integrity of the hermetic seal. This hermetic seal ensures that air and moisture cannot enter inside the unit once it is sealed and so the longevity of the double glazing and the blinds is assured.


Venetian style blinds with high quality 13mm aluminum blades

Operated using magnetic push blocks - providing raise, lower and tilt functionality

No unsightly cords - giving clean lines 

and all made to measure

Available in a large range of colours

Theres no need for conventional blinds or curtains which limit access to your window and doors

Pristine appearance at all times and protected by wind damage by being encapsulated within the unit