Bi-folding doors can complement any building giving a glass wall effect which provides panoramic views and brings the warmth and light of the outside in. Ideally suited as a room divider, patio screen or contemporary feature wall, bi-folding doors create a stylish and architecturally pleasing façade without harming the character of the building.

We offer bi-fold doors in both aluminium and PVCu (which is significantly less in cost) however we would advocate aluminium as a preference as the systems derive from the commercial sector and have evolved over many, many decades being engineered to meet very rigorous industry standards with proven reliability & durability. PVCu bi-fold doors have appeared more recently, specifically for residential applications and to meet the demand to match existing PVCu installations.


Maximum door width allows for more design flexibility Aluminium = 1000mm PVCu = 900mm


Higher frame strength allows for more doors

Aluminium = 7 max. span 7000mm (commercial systems can exceed) PVCu = 6 max. span 5400mm


Higher frame strength allows for slender profiles resulting in increased glass area e.g. 450mm over a five door width


Threshold section is more compact to allow for a ‘flush’ finish to the floor creating a seamless indoor to outdoor transition


Doors are less bulky when stacked


Coloured frames are more cost effective as the aluminium sector is geared to offer choice based on the RAL system as a standard service

The doors can be split in many ways to suit individual circumstances with or without a single priority door, for ease of access and split either left or right in multiples subject to how you want the doors prioritised.