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Swim Spa Installation – Stock

Case Study

Product Info

This unique product developed & manufactured in Australia and imported directly into the UK by us was the perfect answer to many customers for who the full hot tub experience was not appealing and to those who aspired to a leisure pool but had neither the space nor could justify the running cost and limited potential use for the investment required.

At 5.3m x 2.4m with its irregular shape it can be very easily designed into any typical suburban garden (large or small) in close proximity to the property without taking over and dominating the garden but blending gently into the space.

With its hot tub features of a lounger and dual seating area incorporating air jets it can be the perfect chill out zone or the social hub for entertaining. The powerful counter flow jets make it a practical exercise pool and a fun device for children (or adults!) to play in active water. When coupled with the latest heat pump technology it is an unbeatable package that encourages much higher usage regardless of the weather conditions.

Very affordable at £21K for a basic installation (subject to site survey) however typical projects including landscaping, lighting etc. range up to £35K.

The Brief

As described above the dual role of a chill out zone and social hub perfectly describes our clients’ requirements.

It was very clear that unless we could carry out the work without destroying what was an immaculately, manicured garden with a state of the art underground irrigation system and reinstate it to its original glory our client would be rightly very unhappy (an understatement).

Until our client had seen the San Remo they were contemplating a full size pool similar to their previous property but this would have completely destroyed the garden setting they had created.

Completed Project

Design Notes

In addition to the swim spa a cabin was constructed to take the pool equipment and provide separate toilet & washing facilities.

The sloping nature of the site required extensive excavation with ‘feature’ retaining brickwork, which was designed to create a more intimate feel around the swim spa isolating it from the larger garden area plus the added magic of a sophisticated lighting package made this an exceptional installation.

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Site Excavation

Site Preparation

Site Landscaping

Finished Landscaping

Cabin Plant Room

Completed Project

Project Drawings

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Site Outline Plan

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Landscaping Design

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