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Swim Spa Installation – Rayleigh

Case Study

Product Info

This unique product developed & manufactured in Australia and imported directly into the UK by us was the perfect answer to many customers for who the full hot tub experience was not appealing and to those who aspired to a leisure pool but had neither the space nor could justify the running cost and limited potential use for the investment required.

At 5.3m x 2.4m with its irregular shape it can be very easily designed into any typical

suburban garden (large or small) in close proximity to the property without taking over and dominating the garden but blending gently into the space.

With its hot tub features of a lounger and dual seating area incorporating air jets it can be the perfect chill out zone or the social hub for entertaining. The powerful counter flow jets make it a practical exercise pool and a fun device for children (or adults!) to play in active water. When coupled with the latest heat pump technology it is an unbeatable package that encourages much higher usage regardless of the weather conditions.

Very affordable at £21K for a basic installation (subject to site survey) however typical projects including landscaping, lighting etc. range up to £35K.

The Brief

Although creating the ideal social hub off the kitchen was a bi-product of the project it was driven by a desire to provide a safe environment for our clients’ young children to enjoy their love of swimming and generally mucking about in water close enough to the house to be supervised from a distance.

To make the space more user friendly a deck was constructed within the landscape design with inset lighting which allowed for levels to be equalised to the same as the property floors providing a smoother, gradual transition to ground level.

Design Notes

In addition the conversion of a window to doors at the rear of the property gave direct access from the master bedroom onto the decking and the swim spa giving a hint of the holiday lifestyle at home.

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Completed Project

Completed Project

Project Drawings

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Site Outline Plan

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Landscaping Design

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San Remo Schematic

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