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Pool Installation – Hornchurch

Case Study

Product Info

Our polypropylene pools are manufactured to order in the Czech Republic to any design, shape, or size and are installed across Western Europe.

This type of pool system is less familiar to the UK market but is recognised within the industry worldwide as the most advanced in terms of energy efficiency, running costs, and durability.

This is in part due to the material qualities of strength, chemical resistance, UV stability, and thermal properties but also the method of construction making it the ideal choice in difficult ground conditions.

The option of an overflow ’infinity style’ as pictured with all the pool plant unseen in an underground cabinet makes this very desirable for anyone contemplating an outdoor pool.

Naturally this level of innovation comes at a slight premium compared to other pool types but as a guide most pool projects range from £35K to £55K installed but excluding any landscaping.

The Brief

As part of a major property redevelopment this project was for the design and remodelling of the rear gardens to include the installation of a pool, hot tub, and all the associated landscaping.

Guiding the design solution was to resolve the 1m drop from the property floor level to ground level so that the access to the inset hot tub and pool were all on same level as the conservatory doors.

This was achieved with structural retaining walls and decking to form the transitional ornamental steps some in decking and some in stone to the lower garden areas.

Design Notes

The internal pool dimensions were 3.7m wide x 7m long x 1.6m deep (constant) with an overall length of 8.67m.

In addition to the overflow style option instead of a conventional skimmer type the pool featured a remotely controlled integral motorised cover for convenience & safety when not in use.

Other finishing touches were the installation of a slide with independent water flow for fun, counter flow swim jets system for exercise and the construction of a small changing room situated at the bottom of pool area for convenience.

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Pool Installation

Pool Installation

Structural Landscaping

Project Drawings

Download [94 KB]

Site Outline Plan

Download [678 KB]

Site Section

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Landscaping Design

Download [763 KB]

Schematic Drawing

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Typical Construction Illustration (3D)

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