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Case Study

The Brief

As an enthusiastic horticulturist our client had a long held ambition to have their own plant Atrium as part of extensive landscaping of their grounds, which would mature in time to be an enviable private garden and a source of much pleasure.

The design of the building had to be pleasing to the eye sitting comfortably in the landscape but at the same time offer a practical sustainable environment to support the propagation and display of a diverse range of plants with a sophisticated system of ventilation & temperature control.

Although a substantial size of conservatory the simple solution of a single span roof over a rectangular shape was rejected as this would look monolithic and was not a reflection of the clients’ vision, which we clearly understood.

Our approach was to build the conservatory in three sections that could be isolated independent of each other but you could walk from one end to the other through interlocking doors. The shape of each section was softened with angled facets with individual complex roof elements making the building interesting to the eye but less of a visual impact as a whole and therefore not dominating the garden layout. A further conservatory matching the end sections of the main Atrium was built a short distance away to complete the spaces required to house the different plant species.

This was a rare opportunity to make this ‘grand design’ that was entrusted to our company a reality for our client, which for us starts & finishes with listening and understanding their requirements in the first place. This of course is not always the lowest cost option but then an investment on this scale has to be right.

Design Notes

As part of the garden landscape design an ornamental pool was positioned very close to the new building requiring structural retaining walls to be build in front of the conservatory below ground level to ensure that the ground remained stable.

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Garden Site

Pound & Brick Construction

Construction Stage

Conservatory A

Conservatory B

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